Like most people, I need a bit of a nudge or sometimes a good swift kick in the butt to start a project which I think will be a bit too much.

So a good friend of mine convinced me to start writing a blog and share my experience as a diver and traveler. Since I have done one more than the other – diving more so, I decided to rather broaden the topic field a bit.

And that is how a bucket list became a bathtub.

A bathtub is not only used to get the old bod squeaky clean, it has many different uses. You dream there (where to go and what to do to make yourself happy), think of innovations (I could really use a gadget to…) to change the world (with all my Lotto money I will buy dictionaries for all the school children – and some adults…), scrub the old sneakers clean of mud (vent your frustrations or just unpack your thoughts) and lastly, clean the bathtub itself (clear out all the things stuck to the bottom and refill with fresh goodies.

Join me for some bathtub fun. Send me thoughts, photographs, poems or just a “ME TOO”. Keep it clean and your post will be seen.


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