Favourite dislikes

This topic will be on-going because the more you think about “pet-hates” the more you can name. If there are a few overlaps, please forgive me, but it obviously is a favourite pet hate of mine.

This is in no particular order of importance.

People stopping in the middle of the grocery shop’s door. And you are usually the dumb-ass walking right behind them. With no prior warning, they will pull up trolley and all, right in the middle of the entry way and try to decide where to go first. PLEASE! this is not your first time here (I’m very sure of that, because you are dressed in your best trackies, which isĀ  a local favourite) so decide before the time, or even better, make a grocery list at home. At the very least, keep going at least 10 meters, so the people behind you do not have to make evasive maneuvers around you and into the veggie crates.

Which brings me to the next one – Fruit and veg area layout in stores. A little more thought needs to go into the flow of it. Make more space around the Specials, think at where it overlaps with the rest of the store etc. If you get stuck, just ask any hasty mom, who needs different items all over the store for a few suggestions.

Drivers not parking within the allocated parking spaces. Just saying there are a reason for driving schools.

Active wear. The whole day? Why what is she talking about – Just go watch this video by Van Vuuren Bros. And NO it is not because I am jealous of their bodies (which they think perfect, or on the way to perfect because they are going to gym), my legs look better than most of them! It is just gross.

Celebrity chefs running out of ideas. To be a good TV chef, you need a pretty smile, some cooking skills and a theme, for example: Home cooking, French, French home cooking, Italian, Italian out and about, Italian home cooking… you get my drift. Then you need some or other network to fall for your gimmick. All is going good for 10 seasons, but you realise that the viewers has moved on to the newer and better cooking shows, so you need to “re-invent” your style – much like pop stars going gospel.

And this is when you get the chef going to their “home” country to shoot their “back to the roots” show. Now if you are from Italy, you are slightly screwed, because it is small and how much pasta (not from Italy originally?) or pizza (also not?) recipes can you show? France is a bit bigger with more influences, so at least 2 shows can come out of France. Oh, and don’t forget that there are a lot of things to do as well, so why not spice it up with adventure. Forgive me for not saying all the expletives out loud, but I already changed the channel.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking shows, but sometimes you just get the urge to throw the remote at the TV.

People starting a sentence with the word “obviously” and state a fact. Not all of us are such geniuses that we obviously know all the facts about the sport/food/nature topic you are talking about. Obviously you are not considering your audience.

Last but by not all of my favourite dislikes – for now: People flinging the two little words very casually (or by the lack of anything better to say) into a sentence… you know.

NO, I DID NOT KNOW! English is my second language and I do try my best, you grew up with it, think of something else to say, or just stop the sentence.

I will leave you to ponder these few failures of mankind, I will list a few more at a later stage.